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The Giuca Case, and the Prosecutor's Willful Blindness to the Truth
Original ‘Grid Kid Slayer’ attorney admits he was in dark about witness’ mental illness, crucial lie
A Murder, two moms, and a mess
‘Grid-Kid’ killer’s lawyer slams original prosecutor for ‘questionable’ witness
Lead Prosecutor in ‘Grid Kid’ murder case didn’t disclose she appeared in court on behalf of troubled witness
‘Grid Kid Slayer’ Prosecutor Claims she didn’t know about witness’ psych records
Original Prosecutor Takes Stand in ‘Grid Kid’ killer’s hearing
Lawyers Battle Over Conduct in 2003 Murder Case in Brooklyn
‘Grid Kid’ killer John Giuca’s bid for new trial aided by cop who put him away
Lead NYPD detective in ‘Grid Kid Slayer’ case says he didn’t believe testimony of prosecutor’s key witness
Ex-Con recants trial testimony
I-Team: Key Witness in 2005 ‘Grid Kid Slayer’ Murder Trial Admits Lying on Stand
Witness Recants Testimony in 03 student murder case
Key Witness who helped convict ‘Grid Kid’ murderer emotionally recants
I- Team: Convicted ‘Grid Kid Slayer’ Hopes Prosecutorial Misconduct Allegations Will Send Him Home
So-Called ‘Grid Kid Killer’ Speaks to Childhood Friend Jason Mattera
Convict in football player’s killing: ‘I’m in prison because I had a party’
Judge Orders Hearing on Whether Brooklyn Man Was Wrongfully Convicted in Killing of Fairfield University Student
Brooklyn Man Convicted of 2003 Murder of Fairfield Student Will Get a New Hearing
Man Jailed for killing college football player to get another day in court
Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson Passes On a Chance to Right a Potential Wrongful Conviction
A Step Back for Brooklyn Justice
‘Grid Kid’ Murder convictions under review by Brooklyn DA
Did an Ambitious Prosecutor Convict the Wrong Man for the Killing of Mark Fisher?
Ghetto Mobster or Innocent Man? An NYC murder case falls apart
Waiting for Justice in Brooklyn
Wrongful Convictions: Can Prosecutors Reform Themselves?
Cleaning Up Joe Hynes’ Mess
Mother of John Giuca hopes District Attorney Ken Thompson will review murder conviction
Exclusive: Chris Noth set to play former Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes in new movie
Petition Seeking to Void Brooklyn Murder Conviction calls Verdict a ‘Sham’
Citing Misconduct, Lawyer Seeks Review of Conviction in ’03 Brooklyn Killing
Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes Faces Questions About Hiring Reluctant Witness in Murder Case